Thursday, July 7, 2022

Book #10: The Stranger in the Woods


Title: The Stranger in the Woods

Author: Michael Finkel

Have I read this book before? Yes.

How obtained: Borrowed from local library.

Why this book? A few years ago my wife and I listened to this book on Cloud Library.  Last month I saw it in our library in the book club section.  I dove into it right away.

Fun Fact: The book is about a man named Christopher Knight.  Christopher Knight is also the name of the actor who portrayed Peter Brady on the Brady bunch.  I'm not 100% sure , but I think it's possible that the reason he went into the woods in the first place was to get people to stop singing the Brady Bunch theme to him whereever he went.  If he ever does go back into seclusion, I have one suggestion: marshland, marshland, marshland. 



Quote from the book: Knight lived in the same campsite for nearly his entire time in the woods. The site is in a surprising spot. Maine itself, the cork atop a fizz of small states crowding the American Northeast, contains vast realms of uninhabited woodlands, mostly owned by timber companies, but Knight chose to disappear well within the bounds of society. Towns and roads and houses surround his site; he could overhear canoeists' conversations on North Pond. He wasn't so much removed from humanity as sitting on the sidelines. From the nearest cabin to his hiding spot is a three-minute walk, if you know where you're going. 

page 53 from the 2017 edition

What others are saying about this book: Aaron Sommers wrote this review of the book for Ploughshares at Emerson College.

What did I think:

I enjoyed reading this book as much as I enjoyed listening to it a few years back.  Knight is a hard figure to write about because we try to do it through our own lens. Wikipedia in their entry about him refers to his years active as 1986-2013, the 27 years he was anything but active.  Finkel does a credible job telling Knights's tale (sorry, Heath Ledger)  from many different angles. 

I finished this book on July 4th, the 37th book of my Summer reading program. This put me on schedule to read 27.03 books during the challenge.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Book # 9: Between Heaven & Hell


Title: Between Heaven & Hell 

Author: Peter Kreeft

Have I read this book before? Yes.

How Obtained: Own it.

Why This Book: This is an interesting book.  It was written by one of my favorite authors and one of the main characters is my favorite author.

Fun Fact & Quote from the book.

On November 22, 1963, three great men died within a few hours of each other: C.S. Lewis, John F. Kennedy, and Aldous Huxley.

(1st sentence from the prologue)

This quote doesn't do justice to the style of the book so here is a second quote:

What others are saying about this book: Leroy Seat from his well title blog. The view from this seat had this to say.  

What Did I think: I liked this book much better the first time I read it. That says more about how much I loved it the first time than the overall quality of the work, which is still thoroughly enjoyable.  I give Kreeft high marks for the concept and the Mars Hillsian approach to take an occurrence and use it for the cause of Christ.

I finished this book on July 3rd the 36th day of my Summer reading program. This put me on schedule to finish 25 books during the challenge.  

Friday, July 1, 2022

Book # 8:Thor VS. Hulk

Title: Thor Vs. Hulk

Author: Stan Lee Et Al.

Have I read this book before?

How obtained: Borrowed from our local library.

Why This Book: I work at a local movie theatre and the new Thor movie comes out next week.  I checked out 2 Thor collections from my library and this was one of them.  I have read a few of these stories before, and  I liked the idea of a bunch of comics all dedicated to the fights between Thor and the Hulk.

Here's what someone else thought about this book: Amazon review.

What did I think: For the most part, I liked these stories. I think I might have liked a book called Thors greatest team-ups better even if it included just some of these battles.  

I finished this book on July 1st, the 34th day of my summer reading program. This put me on schedule to read 23.53 books during the challenge.